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claimxsongs's Journal

Claim X Song
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<font size="1"><font color=#F52887><b>Rules</b>

Maintainers // <lj user="_pinkgl0ss"> & <lj user="reckster">

[x] YOUR CLAIMS MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER: <b>Band/singer // song </b> Its not that difficult to do guys. It makes MY life that much easier. When you're updating 10 claims at a time, it helps when half of the work is already done.

[x] Each person can only claim <b>two</b> songs.

[x] If you post a link to this community in your user info, then you may have <b>three</b>. (REMEMBER TO MENTION THAT YOU WILL BE ADDING THE LINK TO THE INFO IN YOUR CLAIM POST) And we <b>will</b> be checking.

[x] Bashing of any kind, will not be tolerated. Treat members, and mods with respect.

[x] If your claim has been taken by someone else, get over it. I'm sure the band/singer that sings the song, has many others to choose from. This community is first come, first serve. Fighting will get you no where, except maybe a trip OUT of this community.

[x] The Claims list will be updated regularly, but if you don't see your claim up there right away, DO NOT ask us about it. Myself and Ryan have lives too okay? It'll get up there, be patient.

[x] NO fucking advertising. All posts non related to claims, will be deleted. and your ass will be banned. <b>THIS</b> is your warning.

[x] Most of all, have fun. This community is for people to claim the songs they love. Keep it that way

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