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Changing it around. Deleted last entry.

Song being kept: The Used // "Blue And Yellow"

Songs being claimed:
Mae // "Suspension"
Snow Patrol // "Chasing Cars"

Songs up for grabs:
The Used // "I Caught Fire"
Hawthorne Heights // "Ohio Is For Lovers"
Finch // "Letters To You"
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hi i would like to claim these songs, please:
jason mraz//galaxy
jason mraz//bright eyes

and i will try to figure out how to put it in my user info, if it doesn't work could somebody help me, please?
bright eyes//the first day of my life

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Hiya! Could I please claim these three songs? :3 (Three because the community's link is added to my userinfo)

Sarah McLachlan // Silence
Yoko Kanno // Sora's Folktale
Enya // Aniron

Much thanks! ^^

-- Michelle
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Hey I just joined the community. I'd like to claim:

36 Crazy Fists // Bloodwork
A.F.I. // The Prayer Position

and hey, I'll link in my userinfo. So how about...

Finch // Grey Matter



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I'd like to claim:

Lostprophets // Last Train Home
Hoobastank // The Reason

and because I will link back in my user info:

Three Days Grace // Wake Up

Thanks. :)
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